Meet Yourself

I can’t hate anymore,
Anyone is a mirror.
Sometimes beautiful,
Sometimes scary,
Always a way to be,
To learn how to love.
Not more, not less,
Just unconditionally,
Just a flow coming
From the deep sea of consciousness
Where all is born and remains.
Past, present, and future in the same loop.
The Ego is a dot,
But the soul is a circle,
A spiral dancing within the Greater Spirit.
Always look within,
With curiosity and kindness.
This way you’ll meet others.
It’s yourself everywhere,
Even within yourself.
Your Ego should be a bridge in the multiplicity,
Not a wall cutting your integrity.
We’ll really meet only once you meet yourself
And know we are the same.
Until then, we may talk,
But most words will be in vain.

ML (2022)

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