No Time to Lose


Made from billions of years,
We rarely live a hundred.
We keep walking within stories
That we meet as much as we create.
We face problems rooted in a far past,
And yet all solutions are in the present.
Stuck in one limited body, we create our own story,
To Extend our minds towards the totality.
Now, in each detail of each moment:
Alone in the park, with friends in the pub,
With children in a crazy heaven,
Or at work in a reasonable hell…
No time we can lose,
Once we know how to look…
Some call it the third eye, the flame of the soul,
Allowing our love for life to grow,
Genuine, aware of the potential void,
Hence thankful for the miraculous whole…
We have no time to lose,
But the eternity to discover…

ML (2018)



Listen to the silence when I speak,
Words are just fading the message.
Poetry talks to the soul,
Not to the mind.
You need your third hear
To catch what really matters.
Listen to the silence whenever you speak,
Find out what your words are telling you.
Don’t forget you talk to yourself
And we listen to the silence…
This way our souls may share what we need,
Our minds can digest the message,
And our mouths can speak lightly…

ML (2018)


So many friends in my heart,
I feel the beat.
It’s not that I’m high,
It is real.
Some I never met,
Some I may forget.
They’re all a piece of my soul.
Some I left yesterday,
Some I’ll meet tomorrow.
They’re all shining mirrors.
So many friends on my way,
I will keep running.
It’s not that I escape,
It’s that I’m alive
And share the source of experience
With all my brothers and sisters.

ML (2017)

For Amelia

Once upon a child,
I was awaken by a small voice.
It was 5AM and the voice said:
Papa, papa, it’s light already.
I would have tried to sleep again,
But got suddenly mistaken
For a horse, a pillow, and a trampoline.

One upon a child,
I was walking in the street
And a small voice told me:
I’m tired, I can’t walk anymore…
But she swiftly started running.
Some say truth comes from children’s mouth,
But I doubt there is a dragon in the park
Or a squirrel riding a bike.

Once upon a child,
It was lunch time
And I made spaghetti bolognaise.
Then, a small voice told me:
I don’t like it, I won’t eat it,
I want long pasta
Wiht tomato sauce and meat.

Once upon a child,
Soap bubbles were the entrance
Of a fantastic wonderland
Where you clap and dance,
And spill the bottle on the floor.
Each new word would lead to a new song,
Each new song raising new questions:
Why the sky is blue and fish living in water?
Why do I need to sleep
And why not dance for ever?
Why do you need to work
Instead of playing with me?
Why to make it so complicated?
Just take money from the cash machine!

Once upon a child,
A bookshelf would be a scary monster
Spreading its shadows over the room.
A bed time story would never be enough,
Neither two, nor three…
When all is dark, silent, and you ready to sleep,
You would urgently need to pee, to drink,
To hug and get another story.
I would be tired, expecting the evening,
But I would hug you and stay the time you need.
I love you…

ML (2017)

Inhuman Beings

You may know my brain,
Even better than I do,
But what for, you have no clue.

You may calculate the distance
To stars I’ve never heard about,
But never listened to their hidden truth.

You can remove my heart
And replace it brand new,
But for Love you’re just a clever fool.

Brilliant mind, yes,
That you use to refine ways to torture your brothers,
To misuse your sisters, spy on your friends, kill your neighbors.

Once on this earth,
You realized offer was bigger than demand,
And you knew exactly what to do…

Extend our minds and knowledge?
Rise as a mature species over the edge of a new story?
No, too easy, too cheesy…
Let’s use our brilliant minds to feed new needs and delusions!

Marketing is a perfect use of our genius,
Planting the seeds of violence and deceits
In a world of abundance,
Wiping out the ground of future generations
To sustain the stream of ever growing frustrations,
Depressions, and an extreme taste for destruction.

Eight beings have now more money
Than half of mankind…
Fuck, even the devil is getting tired
Of your bodies missing 21grams of dignity.

You pretend yourselves geniuses,
Philanthropists, specialists, doctors, visionaries…
But I tell you, you’re nothing but vanity,
Knowledge without wisdom, brilliant, …
So brilliant inhuman beings.

ML (2017)

The Gift

Love is given, so let it grow.

Seeds are in your heart,

Water in your eyes.

Ground is in your mind,

Sun is in your soul.

Love can make you blind or wise :

It’s up to you, you are the gardener.

It is the essence of life,

It’s a spring, a blossoming.

Death is a winter promising

To our souls that nothing is vain,

For who can see.

If love is not your driver,

You sleep.

If death is not your only truth,

You lie.

If fear is the root of your pessimism,

You’re dead already.

Wake up !

Life is always waiting for you.

Until you genuinely love each day,

Your path is still long and tricky,

Surprising, miraculous, and worth a try.

Life is about conscious love or blindness :

It’s up to you, it’s your life…

ML (2016)

Tomorrow Now…

Tomorrow will fall eventually
And we will cross the wall happily.
Tomorrow might be in fifty years
And it will fall eventually.
Life is too short to be scared,
Our time has to be sacred.
In our limited lives
We embrace eternity.
We integrate stories and memories
Bigger than us,
Tensions, fights, and decisions
Beyond our understanding.

Tomorrow will fall eventually,
Don’t wait for external guidance.
Illusions and deceits are the ghosts
That haunt weak spirits.
Your kingdom of silence is the host
Of the sacred source.
Life is too long to be inconsistent,
Follow paths that bring you confidence
And humility,
Paths to poetry and simplicity.
See beyond tomorrow
That will fall eventually,
Live within the springs of reality
To heal the wounds of your soul.

We have all we are looking for,
And we shouldn’t stop looking further.

ML (2015)