Each day I feel it closer,
The fall of the Empire.
We see the signs
Every day in the flames.
Wars around the globe,
Wars against humankind,
Wars against animals, plants, rocks, and waters,
Wars against our own condition,
Our own constitution:
Not one made of words,
But made from the Verb.
Not a constitution of paper,
But the assembly of cells
Representing the wisdom of the Universe.
The dance of particles,
The dance of consciousness,
Is reshaping life beyond time and space.

Each day I feel it closer,
The rise of a new reign.
Sapiens sapiens,
We are still waiting for.
Sapiens demens
Is closing his store.
Everything is gone,
Survival is at stake,
Atlantis has been reborn,
A renewal of fate.
Each day I’m closer to death,
The cornerstone of my life
To embrace all presents given to me
With an ever-expanding smile.

ML (2022)

Fountain of Youth

I will never become an adult.
One day I will turn from young to old,
And that will be it.
Adults are too boring
And have no clue about priorities.
You ask them about Love
And they answer about work.
You tell them about wealth
And they understand money.
You tell them about happiness
And again, they answer money.
They also forgot how to be a friend,
With the first person you meet.
Come on,
We both have two legs and two eyes…
Isn’t it enough to be best friends?
At least for the afternoon,
Maybe into the evening…

One day I’ll turn old.
I will have a white beard and white hair,
I will play with young fellows of all ages…
Games like hide and seek the truth
Or catch my thoughts if you can!
I will just ignore the adults,
They have no clue about life and games.
Spending their time focused on the ephemeral,
How do you want them to meet the eternal?
For this, you need the wisdom of youth
Or the foolishness of old age,
Maybe the opposite…
So far, I don’t know, I experience,
And the day I turn old,
I will have forgotten.

ML (2022)

Meet Yourself

I can’t hate anymore,
Anyone is a mirror.
Sometimes beautiful,
Sometimes scary,
Always a way to be,
To learn how to love.
Not more, not less,
Just unconditionally,
Just a flow coming
From the deep sea of consciousness
Where all is born and remains.
Past, present, and future in the same loop.
The Ego is a dot,
But the soul is a circle,
A spiral dancing within the Greater Spirit.
Always look within,
With curiosity and kindness.
This way you’ll meet others.
It’s yourself everywhere,
Even within yourself.
Your Ego should be a bridge in the multiplicity,
Not a wall cutting your integrity.
We’ll really meet only once you meet yourself
And know we are the same.
Until then, we may talk,
But most words will be in vain.

ML (2022)


We can only heal ourself,
And it’s the best we can do for others.
We can heal with Love,
Experienced as a power, a fountain, a presence.
We can heal with others,
Finding ourselves in their eyes.
Look beyond joy and suffering,
To cultivate consistency in your thoughts.
Mental is a tool you can feed and heal with Love.
Don’t let it rule
Or you will keep hurting yourself,
Hurting others.
Words are so poor to capture what matters,
They are a creation, not a source, not the maker.
We speak what we experience, what we feel.
Words are consequences of meanings,
Not causes.
We can only heal
Once free from the semantic labyrinth,
Once free from the future, from fear,
From the past and its trauma.
Healing is a serious work and a long process.
Nothing else matters more.
Healing is not an option, but a direction,
An invitation.
Not sure one life will be enough,
But I experience the essence of the process
With thankfulness.

ML (2022)


I and I am the judgment,
Alone and in silence,
A question:
What quality of peace do I experience?
There is no peace in lies
That start within to expand without.
Alone and in silence,
What does remain true?
There is a presence in peace, an essence,
That remains when everything is gone.
Behind all our masks, our ideas, and theories,
Only Truth can bring us peace.
A Truth we can’t share,
But enlightening all our thoughts and words.
This is the Judgment,
Alone and in peace…
Am I ready to die?
Am I really breezing by?
We have no time to think,
It’s here and now, the answer,
Alone and in silence.

ML (2022)


You are,
There is nothing to prove.
You are,
That’s all there is to lose.
You don’t even need to move,
Just listen to the groove of Life:
Its joys and its pains,
Its mystery, that’s never vain.
If you feel empty,
Take time to pray and think.
You have it all,
Just hidden behind all your theories,
Your dogma, your uses,
The hypnosis of daily life,
Daily lies you don’t even believe in.
Feel and explore the deep emptiness of Being,
So full of lights and wonders.
Feel the immanent presence,
This Sun burning all the words
To leave just an experience:
Love as an essence…

ML (2022)

War and Peace

I was born in an imperialist country,
The comfort of my childhood
Made possible by wars and colonies.
The blood of far-off lands is spilling on my hood.

Yet, I don’t feel guilty,
I just feel responsible for it,
I feel the need to study and understand,
I want to think that we could change.

It’s time we all consider the consequences of our conditions.
Our phones are made of blood and kids’ labor.
Our clothes are sewed by slave workers.
Our food is causing deforestation, creating deserts.
Our energy supplies feed wars all around the globe.
Even our ideas and our thoughts are dividing one another.

The world is so complex
And our brains so limited.
You know different, but not better than your neighbor.
In case you are well informed,
Please keep it low and clear, kind and consistent,
Strong and peaceful.

Everywhere we need justice and not revenge.
We need Love, Love, Love:
Without it, all knowledge becomes vain and dangerous,
Even the best idea will then be used by the most treacherous.
If we really want peace,
Love is our only tool,
Our only strength,
Our only weapon.

You can encompass complexity with Love,
But complexity will numb you and confuse you without.
With Love you can consider opposite choices
While remaining on the same team.
Without, you will fight one another,
Even if you come from the same home.

Don’t take the side of a lesser evil, if it is evil.
Fight for a greater good,
The one from your heart,
the one from your soul.
If you have the luck to be righteous, be thankful for it.
If your neighbor is blinded by conflict, pray for him.

Judgment is on the side of war,
Forgiveness on the side of peace.
Revenge is on the side of war,
Justice on the side of peace.
Don’t take the side of human artifices and constructions,
But of human dignity, its essence and its evolution.

We have the choice to live together in peace as an intelligent species,
Or to die separated by hate as insane rats.
A choice each of us makes each second:
In our thoughts, words, and actions,
Our prayers, silences, and creations,
Our loves, our fears, and imagination.

ML (2022)

In my Far East

The wind blows down
In my town.
No tumbleweed,
But concrete and weeds…
In my far east,
Dueling with myself,
I’m the good, the bad, and the ugly.
I will kill myself at dawn
And then surviving I will keep going.
A blue sunset in the mind,
Walking a dream of time,
I will ride till the next scene.
It’s Now again,
Always the same in difference…
Never the same.
Only the daily hypnosis
Veils and fades all beauties…
In each stone, each leaf, each smile,
Resides the permanent wonder of the senses.
The wind blows, the rain falls
And it feels… it feels…
I breeze, my mind scattered apart,
Collecting pieces of my soul.
I expire, my story on the right track.
I engrave paradise on the walls of hell:
An intense explosion Joy,
Soothing frenzy,
A continuous invitation to be,
Trembling peace.

ML (2022)

What a Coincidence!

Rebellion starts with love.
We are existing
And slowly merging with the whole.
We are an emerging consciousness
Reaching its aim in a glimpse
Of joyful emptiness.
Yet, a presence remains,
Sharing its essence
And inviting us to transcend
Our reality by experience.

Let’s free ourselves
From destructive stories.
Let’s repair the world together,
Let’s craft sense of our destinies.
The void is hosting vain life
While the Whole welcomes
Any attempt of expression,
Any move towards the liberation of the soul.
We are not just a coincidence in nothingness,
We are alive and a part of the universe.

ML (2022)

Help Me!

Please, help me!
I want to change the future
And I don’t know where to start.
I know we have no choice,
But to rebuild everything.
Rebuild our politics and our economies,
Our supply chains and our ethics.
Both bodies and souls need a big move.
Let’s start with food and a good mood,
Let’s share more and listen better.
Help is needed around each corner,
We’re everywhere.
Starting from oneself,
With care, love, and patience.
We extend without what we experience within.
Be kind to yourself!
Please, help!
You can’t hurt anyone but yourself.
Hit me, I’ll cry for you!
Or help me and I’ll laugh with you.
We’ll learn together
And build the future we see.
We’ll find where to start and how to continue.
Look how many are already at work…
So many ways,
All starting within since the beginning of time,
One long flow of consciousness whirling within and beyond our cells.
Please, help me!
Life is so beautiful.
Stop spoiling the mystery,
But embrace it with love.
Be at peace with yourself,
Please help me!
We’ll all die
But we have the choice
To find peace with Love or with death.

ML (2021)