Some Like It Heavy

My lightness is heavy for most.
You need a lot of space
To welcome the empty.
I have to see the shadows,
Not my choice,
They were here already.
We need to go through
To see the pure light
Of Love and bliss.
If you don’t face shadows,
You remain in the spotlights
Of technique and consumerism.
Such small words
For such a great sickness,
Such a big world
And so much pettiness…
That’s why I’m heavy,
I even have a body…
What a mess, what a mass!
But I hope one day
We all see the Light
Shining within each of us,
Burning the old world
In a fire of Love and beauty.
Now, you tell me I’m cheesy.
What can I do?
You don’t like it heavy,
You don’t like it cheesy…
Maybe you just prefer the mist of shadows?
That’s fine,
But please remember you’ve always got a choice…

ML (2022)


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