Fountain of Youth

I will never become an adult.
One day I will turn from young to old,
And that will be it.
Adults are too boring
And have no clue about priorities.
You ask them about Love
And they answer about work.
You tell them about wealth
And they understand money.
You tell them about happiness
And again, they answer money.
They also forgot how to be a friend,
With the first person you meet.
Come on,
We both have two legs and two eyes…
Isn’t it enough to be best friends?
At least for the afternoon,
Maybe into the evening…

One day I’ll turn old.
I will have a white beard and white hair,
I will play with young fellows of all ages…
Games like hide and seek the truth
Or catch my thoughts if you can!
I will just ignore the adults,
They have no clue about life and games.
Spending their time focused on the ephemeral,
How do you want them to meet the eternal?
For this, you need the wisdom of youth
Or the foolishness of old age,
Maybe the opposite…
So far, I don’t know, I experience,
And the day I turn old,
I will have forgotten.

ML (2022)

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