We can only heal ourself,
And it’s the best we can do for others.
We can heal with Love,
Experienced as a power, a fountain, a presence.
We can heal with others,
Finding ourselves in their eyes.
Look beyond joy and suffering,
To cultivate consistency in your thoughts.
Mental is a tool you can feed and heal with Love.
Don’t let it rule
Or you will keep hurting yourself,
Hurting others.
Words are so poor to capture what matters,
They are a creation, not a source, not the maker.
We speak what we experience, what we feel.
Words are consequences of meanings,
Not causes.
We can only heal
Once free from the semantic labyrinth,
Once free from the future, from fear,
From the past and its trauma.
Healing is a serious work and a long process.
Nothing else matters more.
Healing is not an option, but a direction,
An invitation.
Not sure one life will be enough,
But I experience the essence of the process
With thankfulness.

ML (2022)

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