Eternal Peace

Facing confusion and extinction,
We need freedom and education.
If we keep with control and idiocracy,
We may disappear promptly.

Conspiracy theories are seducing
With their evil masterminds,
Deploying advanced planning over centuries,
To ensure domination on all mankind.

The study of facts is less alluring,
Revealing short sighted minds
Barely seeing beyond their greed,
And trapped within obsolete myths.

Don’t you see fighting the other is fighting oneself?
Ultimately, we’re all one body:
Why should our hands hit our heart?

I don’t care for what you know,
It’s so little.
I care for what you know you don’t know,
The doors of the universe…

We are part of multiple realms,
Each new door we open
Shows endless new paths.

It’s time for peace,
Eternal peace,
Up to us to choose
If it’ll come from Life or from Death.

ML (2021)

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