The River

Each drop of water
Thinking it finally reached the Sea,
Just lost it…

My life is on the banks of the river.
I was born in the mountain
And my stream grows after winter.
My river is burgeoning
And I can just follow the flow.

Let’s not stick to the shores,
The current is much stronger than us.
Let’s not drown and despair,
The water is much kinder than us.
Sometimes at a crossing,
One life to choose.
Some time to think,
The eternity to experience.
Connected with our souls,
We embrace the movement.
You may fight, you may shout,
But the river keeps flowing…
Go with it.
The choice is in the how, not in the if…
Sometimes slow, sometimes fast,
The river knows the rhythm.
Just learn how to swim.

We are all aiming for the great Sea,
The one we’ll never reach,
As it’s already encompassing the river.
You are the Sea.
Let your drop dance in the big flow,
Let your life embrace the know-how.

Each drop of water,
Experiencing love for the river,
Is home,
In the rocks and in the mud,
With the fish and with the Sun,

ML (2021)

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