Inhuman Beings

You may know my brain,
Even better than I do,
But what for, you have no clue.

You may calculate the distance
To stars I’ve never heard about,
But never listened to their hidden truth.

You can remove my heart
And replace it brand new,
But for Love you’re just a clever fool.

Brilliant mind, yes,
That you use to refine ways to torture your brothers,
To misuse your sisters, spy on your friends, kill your neighbors.

Once on this earth,
You realized offer was bigger than demand,
And you knew exactly what to do…

Extend our minds and knowledge?
Rise as a mature species over the edge of a new story?
No, too easy, too cheesy…
Let’s use our brilliant minds to feed new needs and delusions!

Marketing is a perfect use of our genius,
Planting the seeds of violence and deceits
In a world of abundance,
Wiping out the ground of future generations
To sustain the stream of ever growing frustrations,
Depressions, and an extreme taste for destruction.

Eight beings have now more money
Than half of mankind…
Fuck, even the devil is getting tired
Of your bodies missing 21grams of dignity.

You pretend yourselves geniuses,
Philanthropists, specialists, doctors, visionaries…
But I tell you, you’re nothing but vanity,
Knowledge without wisdom, brilliant, …
So brilliant inhuman beings.

ML (2017)


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