Tomorrow Now…

Tomorrow will fall eventually
And we will cross the wall happily.
Tomorrow might be in fifty years
And it will fall eventually.
Life is too short to be scared,
Our time has to be sacred.
In our limited lives
We embrace eternity.
We integrate stories and memories
Bigger than us,
Tensions, fights, and decisions
Beyond our understanding.

Tomorrow will fall eventually,
Don’t wait for external guidance.
Illusions and deceits are the ghosts
That haunt weak spirits.
Your kingdom of silence is the host
Of the sacred source.
Life is too long to be inconsistent,
Follow paths that bring you confidence
And humility,
Paths to poetry and simplicity.
See beyond tomorrow
That will fall eventually,
Live within the springs of reality
To heal the wounds of your soul.

We have all we are looking for,
And we shouldn’t stop looking further.

ML (2015)


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