Take your Time

Take your time and build your thoughts
With the precious stones from your heart.
Be creative and wild, gentle and wise.
Take your time, step by step,
But keep on moving, keep on building.
Or it’s the concrete from others
That will seal your walls
And limit your construction:
Standard methods and materials
Produce standardized results.

Take your time, we want a beautiful city.
Let’s welcome each other
In the uniqueness of our homes.
Be my guest, though I’m still at work.
The wind blows through my walls,
The rain pours in my attic,
But the living room is nice and warm.
It feels cosy, simple, and lively.

Take your time,
Invite me when you feel ready.
Build new doors, open windows,
And renew your foundations.
Look at them, feel them growing.
Your home is alive, never desert it.
Don’t listen to self-proclaimed city planners.
You’ll live better in your incomplete home
Than in the jails handed to you by others.
Even in the midst of the biggest cities,
There will always be small tents, squats,
Unexpected shelters and lively hosts.

Take your time,
The turtle never leaves its home behind.
Remember, it’s your home, your turtle,
You can even make it fly.

ML (2015)


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