Springs of Rage

Rage is legitimate,

Like our pains, our Joys…

All leave their imprint of experience,

All deliver a path to the essence.

Rage is legitimate

At a time when we may destroy ourselves.

We could have never been,

This is true,

But it’s too late not to be…

We are

Beyond time and space,

Concepts and dialectics…

We are and we become

Each second…

Springs from the sacred source,

Tumultuous rivers of peace.


Rage is legitimate

And transforms into energy

When we embrace the cause

And face the consequences…

Exponential breeze of life.

It blows and we can feel it,

It blows and we can’t see it.

Yet, it blows,

And transports our experiences.


Rage is legitimate

When you meet upon your way

So many pains and shadows,

So many indecent spoils of our souls.

The more clearly we look inward

The more we connect with life.

Vibrations of the soul

From a center beyond words,

Movements of energy

Spinning within each of us:

Open the windows, build bridges,

Renew with the future and its raging springs.



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